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Renn Reed Artist and Designer




Renn Reed has exhibited her art around the world in Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Oakland, CA at The Oakland Museum; in Provo and Salt Lake City, Utah; NV; South Dakota; Taiwan; China; and Barcelona, Spain at The GaleriaZero; to name a few. HER STORY Born and raised in Hollywood,CA. Renn began selling her oil paintings at the age of 10. In 1969 at 16 Renn coined the name Rennditions for the company she had dreamed of growing. In 1979 Renn graduated from Brigham Young University with her Bachelor of Art degree in Fine Art and Graphics. After spending some time in Taiwan Renn was invited to return designing for The President Department Store as Director of Visual Merchandising in Kaohsiung Taiwan. In 1982 Rennditions was launched in San Gabriel, CA [eastern Los Angeles County] primarily serving the predominately Chinese community with her commissioned freelance art and graphic designs. Renn moved to Las Vegas, NV in 1990 where despite a second bout with cervical cancer she endeavored to remain active in her art. Renn created a series of Fantasy Art pieces in mixed media named the Earth Series, as well continuing her illustrations in pen and ink. In November 2001 Renn [and Mark L. Barth her husband] moved to western South Dakota after their best friend Steven J. Campbell passed away suddenly of cancer of the sternum. Locating near the Wyoming, Montana borders of South Dakota provided many opportunities for painting, drawing, filming, and photographing the rich landscapes, animals, and currently unpopulated rustic towns of days gone by. Renn and Mark moved to Casper, WY following Mark's employment. . Renn and Mark have since moved twice, first relocating to Creston, IA in 2010; Then again to Osceola, IA. in 2012. Where she still resides.

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